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In October we asked members of the public to submit their 'ultimate journey' on our Facebook page for a chance to win an Astra GTC for 3 months. The submissions were open to the public vote and with over 500 votes five lucky winners made it to the top. You can follow their progress as they review this incredible new model right here and on our Facebook Page.

Friday, June 8

Final few weeks with the GTC! 

Seeing as the weather has been so amazing the past week or 2, a bunch of us decided to go camping up Loch Lubnig! Its so nice up there, and I love Callander. Of course I had everyone's tents and sleeping bags in my car!! It wasn't until we set up our tents that we realised there were 5 highland cows and a big black bull joining us!! They didn't seem to bother about us though fortunately! We got a little camp fire started and had a dip in the Loch! On the way back I stopped at the most amazing fudge shop in Callander and the Woolen Mill. If anyone hasn't been to Callander then I suggest you go, there's something there for everyone.

I've also been visiting Peter Vardy in Kirkcaldy quite a lot recently and decided to treat myself to a new car from them. Not the GTC I'm afraid, although it was in my top 2! I decided on a new Mini Cooper so I picked that up a few weeks ago. As always, great service, great knowledge, and none of the nonsense sales patter you can receive from other garages - just the facts & their personal opinions. That's what I like about Peter Vardy. They did prefer the GTC to the MINI so they nearly changed my mind but I love the MINI and I'm glad with the choice I made. If you happen to be in the Kirkcaldy branch and see a car, I'd also recommend Sean King to help you out. If he's not around, Mark Gunn is the man for the job, he's been selling cars since before I was born!

Overall, in all honesty, I would highly recommend the Astra GTC to anyone. It's not specifically for younger people, or older people. It's for EVERYONE! Good insurance group, amazing on fuel, and all the latest technology and gadgets you need. There is so much space in the GTC, even people with small children who would usually go for a 5 door car could go for this. And the deals that Peter Vardy are offering at the moment, there's really no excuse. Starting at £39.99 a week, (T+Cs apply obviously) anyone can afford it.

I've had a great time with the car, no problems with it and I'll be sad to see it go :(. 
(If you decide you want one, go for it in white or red! STUNNING!)

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